Wednesday, June 06, 2012

10 Years of Sing Sing Death House


On June 6th, 2002, the first band of Brody Dalle based in North America, The Distillers, released their second studio album, but the first that earned them notoriety around the world and thousands of fans.

Sing Sing Death House, which title was inspired by documentary  Inside the Sing Sing Death House (on the maximum security prison, Sing Sing Correctional Facility), is a mark in the band's career; in the history of punk rock and in the lives of kids who, since then, started to follow Brody Dalle's footsteps.

Personally, this is my favorite record of the Distillers. In a series of positive factors, this album marked my first meeting with the band, in 2002, when I was a preteen on the mood to listen to something that would be, in fact, visceral and inspiring, while Hole were walking on the sands of Malibu Beach.

Thanks to this album, not only me, but many girls and boys came to know other punk rock bands and have more desire to make their own musical project.

Congratulations, Brody Dalle! Congratulations, The Distillers! And thank you VERY MUCH! 

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