Sunday, May 27, 2012

Discography/Guest Appearances - Brody Dalle

With Sourpuss

1995 - Split with Janelle 7
1996 - Sourpuss (EP)

With The Distillers

1999 – The Distillers (EP)
2000 - The Distillers
2002 - Sing Sing Death House
2003 - Coral Fang

With Spinnerette

2008 - Ghetto Love (EP)
2009 - Spinnerette

Guest Appearances

Year: 2002 
Artist/Band: Transplants
Album: Transplants
Song: “Weigh on My Mind”
Function: Vocals 

Year: 2004
Artist/Band: Leftöver Crack
Album: Rock the 40 Oz: Reloaded
Song: “Muppet Mambla” (with The Distillers)
Function: Vocals

Year: 2004 
Artist/Band: Courtney Love
Album: America's Sweetheart
Song: “Sunset Strip”
Function: Backing vocals and guitars on the alternate version, which she is also the co-writer (although nothing has been credited).

Year: 2005  
Artist/Band: Queens of the Stone Age
Album: Lullabies to Paralyze
Song: “You Got a Killer Scene There Man...”
Function: Vocals

Year: 2006 
Artist/Band: Eagles of Death Metal
Album: Death by Sexy
Songs: “I Gotta Feeling”, “I Like to Move in the Night”, “Cherry Cola”, “The Ballad of Queen Bee and Baby Duck” and “Poor Doggie”.
Function: Backup vocals.

Year: 2007 
Artist/Band: Queens of the Stone Age
Album: Era Vulgaris
Function: Backing Vocals

Year: 2008
Artist/Band: Eagles of Death Metal 
Album: Heart On
Function: Backing Vocals

Year: 2009  
Artist/Band: Nosfell 
Album: Nosfell
Song: “Bargain Healers (nirsikil)” (with Josh Homme)
Function: Vocals

Year: 2009
Artist/Band: Freeland
Album: Cope
Song: “Borderline”
Function: Vocals

Year: 2010  
Artist/Band: Melissa Auf der Maur
Album:  Out of Our Minds (Japanese version)
Song: “22 Below (Piano Version)
Function: Vocals

Year: 2011 
Artist/Band: Boots Electric
Album: Honkey Kong
Song: “The Boots Electric Theme”
Function: Vocals