Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brody Dalle Will Release a Solo Record, Reveals Alain Johannes

Many months ago we reported that Brody Dalle is working on new songs with the always amazing and brilliant, Alain Johannes. However, we did not know for sure what it was, considering that she had promised the second album of Spinnerette and the debut album of a not revealed project.

In an interview for Johnny Firecloud, from the website Antiquiet, on the 14th of this month, Johannes said that Spinnerette will return to activities, but not on the next album: "I’m working with Brody whenever it’s time – she just had a beautiful baby boy – for her solo record. I think that’s just going to be pretty much a solo record."

When Firecloud wanted to know if the record would take the name Spinnerette, Johannes answered: "Not this time. And that’s coming out great too. It’s really a matter of, ‘I’ve got a couple of hours… Oh, I have to mix this thing,’ then whoever calls with a ‘Where’s my… so and so?’"

2012, where are you???