Friday, August 17, 2012

In the midst of "Shark Week", Brody Dalle Talks About A Childhood Trauma

On the 12th of this month (August), began the 2012 season of "Shark Week", a special created by Discovery Channel in 1987, in which the channel displays a series of programs dedicated to sharks.

What does this have to do with Brody Dalle? I explain. Or rather, herself will tell you.

"I haven't been past my boobs in the ocean since i saw jaws..yeah i was like 5 years old so ....that's like 3 feet of water". Dalle continued: "Actually we swam out really far in Perth and asked a lady if it was safe she said 'Don't worry , the SHARK ALARM WILL GO OFF'. I was Outta there so fast."

However, whenever that arrives this time of year, Dalle says how she loves watching the programs even having gone through and remembered the remarkable moment (not to say traumatic) of her life: "my husband and i LOVE shark week ........we're obsessed."