Friday, May 11, 2012

Brody Dalle Expects To Release Her New Album in Spring

Great news!!!

As many of you know, Brody Dalle is preparing an album for 3 years now, that follows the first and self-titled of Spinnerette, her project after The Distillers.

A few months ago, I wrote an article for the brazilian website I Have More Records Than Friends, explaining about the recording process of this anticipated record, which until then had not planned to be released.

Happily, Dalle said to a fan via Twitter that the album is expected to the spring of 2013.

On the one hand, the album will mark another partnership of Dalle with the musician, sound engineer and music producer, Alain Johannes, who revealed that he thinks "that’s just going to be pretty much a solo record". 
For another hand, it will not have the involvement of Tony Bevilacqua, guitarist of The Distillers and who also helped Brody to recorded the first album from Spinnerette. Always helpful, Brody Dalle once again responded to me, Angelica Albuquerque, and confirmed the absence of Bevilacqua on the album.

Despite the publication of the expect release period of the album, is true to say that Dalle's fans are very skeptical when she announces something. After all, she had said she intended to release two albums in 2010, a fact that obviously did not happen.