Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brody Dalle Won't Leave Twitter For Fans of Tim Armstrong

The defenders of Tim Armstrong, former Dalle's husband, didn't let her alone the last days, for having misinterpreted a tweet where Brody said: "Why the fuck can't i get verified on here ??there is a person from my past with less followers than me and absolutely no talent for tweeting."

Because of this, many have begun defending the leader of Rancid and sending aggressive messages to Dalle.  To complete, some also took advantage of the situation and decided to discuss the suit that Josh Homme and Scott Reeder, former members of Kyuss, moved against the new group formation (Kyuss Lives!).

After answering some of these malicious tweets, Dalle listened to BrodyDalleMusic and to other fans, since, in short, was asked for she don't care for those messages.

Particularly, I, Angelica Albuquerque, like most Dalle fans, was afraid that those aggressive tweets would make she get away from twitter and, consequently, of loyal fans.
However, there is nothing to fear, folks! When I asked if this could happen, she replied: "No not at all , I am writing and I have two kids", also explaining their absence on other days.

I also asked if she would launch a mash-up with tracks of the new record, as she did last time. And she revealed: "yes I will on the mash up."

So, Dalle fans, you can rest easy and celebrate, as we will  listen to a fresh mash-up soon! :D