Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sex Bomb #1 NME

The kind folks at NME christened Sex Bomb (Adam Freeland Remix) the "#1 Track You Have To Hear This Week”

By: Unknown
Date: 2009

(Adam Freeland Remix)

Brody Dalle’s new project are currently putting the final touches to their formidable debut album. Head to their Myspace though, to get a taste of how far outside the punk box the former Distillers frontwoman has stepped with her new, grown-up and glossy persona. ‘Sex Bomb’, (no, not a Tom Jones cover, thank Christ) is the poppiest track the returning scream queen has ever done and here it gets a skronking Soulwax-style ravaging from UK DJ Freeland. Selling out you say? Shut your face – she’s selling UP.