Wednesday, October 12, 2011

News About Spinnerette's Next Album and... About The Distillers

In reply to a fan, Brody Dalle wrote, via Twitter, that the highly anticipated second studio album from Spinnerette, which is still untitled, has been worked slowly, but it is already halfway there.
She also wrote that those who ask "when Dalle will return to sing like she did on Sing Sing Death House?", will "have to wait and see.....".

Talking about The Distillers, she also reported that the former guitarist of the band, Rosalyn Casper, became mother of a girl, shortly after Dalle gave birth to the redhead, Orrin Ryder Homme.

Last but not least, it is likely to happen in 2013 a reunion of The Distillers, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Coral Fang album. The idea was given by a fan, via Twitter, and Dalle replied: "whoa that would be crazy eh?!! 10 years wow.....just wow." Let's cross our fingers!