Sunday, October 02, 2011

Brody Dalle Spins Past the Distillers

Date: May 5th, 2007

Quite a few things have changed since we last saw Miss Brody Dalle lead the Distillers across the globe in support of their third album, 'Coral Fang.' She became a Mrs. to Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, a mom to beautiful baby Camille and sent out word she'd started a new band, Spinnerette, after disbanding the Distillers. 

“The Distillers aren't over per se,” she tells Spinner. “it's just not the same.” 

Not over, but Dalle's Distillers are definitely on the shelf thanks to two of her bandmates -- bassist Ryan Sinn (Angels and Airwaves) and drummer Andy Granelli (now with Los Angeles dream rockers Darker My Love) -- having flown the coop. In part, Dalle blames the departures on her unwillingness to force out a fourth record immediately after the 'Coral Fang' tour.

“It was a strange time for the Distillers,” she says. “We became really segregated and stopped hanging out with each other. It damaged our relationships. Plus, me being the front person of the band, getting most of the accolades and writing everything bothered a few people.”

One of the results of the split Dalle admits, was the closing of communication lines with her departed bandmates. As for any linse still open? The one with guitarist Tony Bevilacqua, with whom Dalle will head into the studio with in June to record Spinnerette's debut, which includes new tunes 'Injections for Infections' and 'Geeking.' “Tony's like my brother soulmate,” she says. “We're like two little kids and when we play together, it feels right.”