Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brody Dalle Shares Photo of the Youngest Homme

It's almost impossible to believe that a golf cart parade would attract the Homme family, but yes, it happened - and there are pictures to prove it.

This Sunday (October 23rd), Brody Dalle and Josh Homme decided to check out the annual golf cart parade in Palm Desert, California,  alongside their cute children.
After sharing some photos from the event on her Twitter, Dalle made many people around the world write expressions of endearment, when she showed a photo of her hubby with the youngest member of the family, Orrin Ryder. As caption, Dalle wrote: "This is what turns me on"

Check out below the photo and some other clicked during the parade.

""This is what turns me on."

"Yep when I think of the desert....I think tinfoil."

"I really feel for this chicken , it's about 100 degrees here today."

"Love me a cupcake."

"Punkest hair I've seen in ages."