Monday, September 19, 2011

My Fantasy Band: Brody Dalle, Spinnerette

By: Gillian Orr
Date: October 02nd, 2009

Vocals - Kathleen Hanna
“My teenage years were filled with the sound of Bikini Kill. I love Kathleen's voice. I would want her shouty shrieks and screams all over this band. Her politico-sexual female empowerment is just what this band needs.”

Vocals - Julian Casablancas
“Julian's voice is bad-ass; he writes great lyrics, dances out of time and is a little bit awkward. He reminds me of Joey Ramone. I would want Julian and Kathleen to sing together like Exene and John Doe of X.

Guitar - Greg Ginn
“Greg from Black Flag is the coolest punk-rock guitar player of all time. He was influenced by jazz, which is what makes him so interesting. He never conformed to anyone else's style: I would put his playing in his own category – psycho/ sexy/doom/schizo-slayer.”

Bass Bootsy Collins
“He is responsible for the most ass-shaking music of all time and his playing is like a brain tune-up. James Brown was jealous of him.”

Drums – Dave Grohl
“Nirvana are my favorite band. I've watched him play a lot lately, and it has only confirmed what I've known all along – he's the best rock drummer in the world.”