Sunday, September 25, 2011

Interview With Ryan Sinn

By: Paco Rubio
Date: January, 2002

Explain who are the members of the band and what does each member play, and if you have been in another bands before...

Brody – Vocals/guitar – Played in Sourpuss.
Andy – Drums – Played in Nerve Agents and Model American.
Ryan – Bass/Vocals – Small local bands.
Rose – Guitar/Vocals.

Which groups have influenced your style?

Ryan: For me, a lot of black metal and The Go Gos, Rancid, Flea, The Cure.

What do you want to transmit with the name of The Distillers? Does it have a special meaning for you? Please explain...

Ryan: To me it means taking everything down to it’s pure form. Like inside you, progressing or being motivated with whatever, like pure rage or love, anger, spite.

What is the difference between your new album "Sing Sing Death House" and your debut album?

Ryan: The new album is definetaly a progression. I think it’s much better, a lot more diversity.

What does the title "Sing Sing Death House" mean?

Ryan: It’s a really fucked up prision where a lot of people were horribly mistreated. It’s a metaphor for getting past the horrible things in your life, moving on. Surviving.

Where was it recorded? Who has collaborated with you? Some anecdotes...

Ryan: We recorded it at Westbeach Studios and West Lake Studios. Brody wrote the album, no one collaborated on it. It’s all her.

Donnell Cameron produced the album (NOFX, Pennywise, 7 Seconds). How was working with him?

Ryan: It could have been better, problems…

What has he contributed to your sound?

Ryan: Nothing.

What songs do you like the most in "Sing Sing Death House"?

Ryan: That’s hard, um… Sick of it All, I Am a Revenant, Seneca Falls, Hate Me, I Understand.

What do you consider more important: the lyrics or the music?

Ryan: It’s a mixture I think, some bands I love the music, even if the lyrics aren’t that good, and others I fell more connected to the lyrics.

What do your lyrics talk about?

Ryan: Go read them.

Is it important for the Distillers to be in Epitaph / Hell Cat Records?

Ryan: It’s a great label, it’s like a big family.

What is the ideology of punk according your point of view?

Ryan: I don’t really bother on what’s punk anymore, it’s to diluted. Everyone has completely different views on what is and isn’t punk. I really don’t care, I just do what makes me and those I care about happy. Labeling everything just put limits on it.

What do you think about the evolution of american punk-rock bands? And the punk-rock scene?

: It’s definetaly going good. Bands are poppong up like Wildflowers, it’s awesome. I think it’s a very good time for music. It’s a point where a lot of what’s on top is falling, there’s room for a lot of bands to make changes in the scenes or whatever.

How is the rock music scene in L.A.?

Ryan: I live about 7 hours North of L.A., so I’m a bit out of the loop, however the San Francisco/Oakland/Berkely/San Jose scene is going strong.

Could you name any band that has called your attention recently?

Ryan: Nine Inch Nails, Jucifer and The Crown.

Who would you like to do a split with?

Ryan: AFI, or um...Slayer??

Which gig/gigs do you remember you enjoyed the most?

Ryan: Almost all of them, Italy was amazing. Spain was a lot of fun too, London was great even though I knocked myself out…

What is it more important for the Distillers: to do good gigs or good songs/albums?

Ryan: For me it’s just playing the best I can and improving, being happy with what I’m playing in the studio and playing live.

What is the difference between the European scene and the American one?

Ryan: The language is hard sometimes in Europe, but the kids go off. Here the kids just go insane. Huge sing a longs and circle pits. California has the best circle pits.

What do you remember of your gigs in Spain?

Ryan: Barcelona was beautiful, we got to go around town a bit and I got to go shopping. When we got back to the club, Wallride was playing. I was amazed by them. I even bought all their CD’s and records. The show was great, and I fell down the stairs after, I think Brody did too.

How do you think the attack to the World Trade Center can affect Punk-rock and freedom of speech?

Ryan: I don’t think it has any affect on punk rock. More closely to people individually who were put at a loss because of it.

What has been the worst shit that has ever happened to you in these years on stage?

Ryan: The last show we played, the side monitors were up to loud and all I could hear was my bass and it had this muffled feedback and I thought my bass was out of tune, so I played Oh Serena all fucked up. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. That and when I knocked myself out in London. That hurt.

How can you explain the music of the Distillers in a few words?

Ryan: Go listen for yourself.

Which are your ten favorite albums of the 20 the century?

Ryan: Man, That’s hard um…
The Cure – Pornography
A.F.I. – Black Sails in the Sunset
Björk – Post
Emperor – Promethius (or however it’s spelled)
Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction
Rancid - 2000
Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine or The Fragile – Pick one
Danzig – 4
Slayer – Reign in Blood
Nowhere Fast - Tina’s Spicy Poontang Burritos