Saturday, July 23, 2011

Via Twitter, Dalle Send Message to Dolly Parton

On Friday (July 22nd), veteran Dolly Parton performed in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl. Always friendly and in a great mood, Parton did a rap mentioning her breasts as well as Queen Latifah's - with whom she shot a movie recently.

Apparently, Dalle was at the presentation and besides spoken about the fact above, she took the opportunity to reveal her admiration for the "Queen of Dollywood", sending a loving message via twitter, openly: "Dear Dolly Parton ,you were SO amazerbeams last night , little sparrow gave me the chills ,your stories are sweet and even though you rapped." "You're still a legend and one of my heroines.Your voice is so strong and you played all those instruments , you're an inspiration," Dalle completed.

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