Friday, June 17, 2011

Brody Dalle Talks About The Distillers' Return

It all started when Dalle said through her Twitter, that wanted to be "as brazen as Kathleen [Hanna]" and that "wish there were more bands like Bikini Kill".

Then she went into a nostalgic vibe and wrote that she missed not only Bikini Kill, but also other bands led by girls (L7, Babes in Toyland, Hole, 7 Year Bitch), and opened her heart: "they filled my teenage void , i am so thankful to them all."

So, the Distillers' orphans began sending messages saying that the group also filled the void in their lives, that they would like the see the band together again, this and that.

Quite loving, Dalle replied openly to all these messages, confirming those rumors that said that the Distillers had met last year, with Greg Ginn (Black Flag) in place of bassist Ryan Sinn: "I know some of you want the distillers back......i tried , i really did.....Andy , Tony and I recorded with Greg Ginn last October.......and it just wasn't the same at that juncture (yes ! winnebago ref)."

However, she gave hope to those noble hearts that burn in pain, since 2005, when the band has "disappeared" because of the departure of drummer Andy Granelli and Ryan Sinn: "This doesn't mean it won't ever happen , just not right now."

During this nostalgic moment, Dalle took the chance to indicate the incredible documentary "Not Bad For A Girl", which while providing interviews and several scenes of female bands' shows, and also "Courtney [Love] high as a kite and sober as a kitten", was never released.

Below, check out the video for "City of Angels", a track that has, at 1:44, a phrase that may define the current status of the Distillers: "We don’t rest in peace, we just disappear".