Monday, May 02, 2011

Dalle Questions Bin Laden's Death

While many people gathered in front of the White House to celebrate [with the world] the death of terrorist Osama Bin Laden, other people questioned whether he was actually dead and if would give us rest of his insane acts.

Brody Dalle was one of those who doubted the conclusion of the mission that the United States began 10 years ago, when Bin Laden marked forever the 09/11. Below, read some of Dalle tweets about it:

"Apparently osama bin laden came back from the dead , only to get killed again ???!!!! sounds like he's having his very own ground hog day."

"They sent his body out to sea ? Wtf ? If he is the mastermind behind 911 , do you really send his body away ????"

"Dna matching ? Why dna matching ? When you had his body in your hands and you sent it out to sea ??? Where did they get the previous dna from ???"

"And what about all the reports from 2001 about his death on the news ?"

"Anyway , I guess there's a "new" terror alert watch out for yourselves."

Dalle also agreed with twitter user @chasselhound, who wrote: "no body no pictures=no proof!"