Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Distillers' New T-shirts

Today (February 5th) Brody Dalle filled with hope the hearts of some Distillers' orphans by posting the following message: "Making distillers t-shirt designs at kinko's , feels very old school , gonna fucks you up lebowski. You'll be able to see 'em soonish I promise".

To let these orphans even more insane, she wrote: "Also when we record in April , you'll be able to watch some days , feels kinda porno but webcams are very lebowski these days."

But she soon threw a bucket of cold water in those hearts, that fizzed of hope with the news: "Sorry to get yer hopes up , I never said there would be a distillers record , just that i made some new designs."

Dreaming doesn't cost anything. But there are rumors about the Distillers' reunion, without bassist Ryan Sinn though.