Brody Dalle

     The idea appeared in 2002, when I, Angelica Albuquerque, met the Distillers and, consecutively, one of the most influential people in my life - it being cliché or not.

     Obviously, as someone who knows something new and immediately gets identified with it, I searched for information about the band and, of course, Brody Dalle. Such “survey work” has led me to coordinate the largest page of The Distillers and Brody Dalle on Orkut, the most popular social networking in Brazil. But, for personal reasons, I walked away.

     Over the years and during that time coordinating the mentioned page, I realized there was a lot of controversial information, and that some fans were really quite confused about the order and the actual occurrence of some facts.

     Until then, there was a Brazilian fan site in honor of the Distillers (which I don't remember very well, unless the beautiful black layout with a spider web). But it turned to dust and I think only it could tell us the real reason for its disappearance in the wind, although I think it was because of some of Brody's statements during her pregnancy, about the future of the band.

     So, when this website went up in smoke, I decided to go steady with the idea emerged in 2002 and then, in 2005, it came in mature way: Why not create a website not only about The Distillers, but also about all personal and professional history of Brody Dalle?
Ok. But where could I find someone to help me with this? The idea was shelved again.

     Along to the birth of Dalle's first daughter, the cute Camille Harley, Spinnerette came into the world, which gave me even more strength to don’t give up the idea which has always been very well received by Brody's fans around the world.

     [After many frustrating attempts and] In order to serve as a source; a secure portal for information about Brody Dalle's history and work, besides prove that she is much more than a punk icon and not only Tim Armstrong's ex-wife and current Josh Homme's, the website was officially created, on January 26, 2011.
     The moment couldn't be better. After all, the website is for and about Brody Dalle: “Not a fucking saint, not going to save the world, more pissed than ever”.

Angélica Albuquerque


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